Monday, September 27, 2010

My husband

Ok funny story! Saturday I am getting ready for the RS Broadcast and am in the bathroom, my husband in the Kitchen my phone rings which I thought it might be my friend who I was riding with. Look at it and it is Tyson yes he is in the kitchen to remind you. He says "Where's the cheese?" I said "In the crisper" He says "No" Me: "You used all the cheese on your homemade pizzas?" Let me fill you in, last week at the store I was getting cheese and thought to my self I don't have any teenage boys at home this cheese should last me at least two weeks it was a 5lb bag. So this week when I made my list I did not check and did not add it to my list because I thought it would still be there. NOT I forgot I have a CHEESE LOVING HUSBAND!! Ok back to the story. Him: "Yep" Me: "What else did you make?" Him: "Nachos" pause silence "maybe a couple of times". So off to the store we go for cheese! This is why I love him and get frustrated with him! That was a lot of cheese!! Love ya sweetie!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things they say!

Broden has started to come out of his shell and is saying so much more then I thought he ever would, but the things he says are just not fully the word!!
"ooby, ooby where you?" For Scooby do where are you
"ink ink" for Drink
"izza" for Pizza
"eeeegan" for tegan and he really does hold it out that long
"eav m lone" for leave me alone
"sh sh show mom ease" for Show mom please
"tank you" for thank you and he says this all the time
" mewo" is No wired i know he sounds like a cat
"shoooes" for Shoes he loves his shoes

Tegan on the other hand is all about going places and it starts like this
"Mom one day when I go to the and you could fill it in with anything, the park, the dinosaur place, Hawaii,the beach, camping, hunting, fishing, the circus, the radio which is the rodeo, the ocean, church and there is a whole long story of what we are going to do and what he will do. His uncle said you have big dreams kid, and he said yep I do, then was quite for a moment and said what dreams, I then explained that dreams are somethings you want to do later like a goal and you try to get there some day and he said no not later now. I know I would love to go to Hawaii right now! Most of the things he talks about he has already done and just wants to go back, but some things like going shark hunting, and to Africa, going to work with ocean animals he has not, but i am sure glad he sets his goals high, because I know he can do it!

I love you both very much, I now one day you will not be talking to me about these things and I may be wishing you were really going to church and not somewhere else, but maybe i can look back and this a remember I let you choose, then and all I can do is guide you and pray for you always. Thanks for letting me be your mom!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Broden's 2!

His b-day was the 24th of Aug!! We decided to go to the Zoo for Broden's b-day! We have not been there for ever and they have changed it a lot from when I was little!! We thought the earlier the better so we were on our way out and the dog ran away form us so we had to find him and that took longer then expected and the whole time we were looking Broden was yelling out the window US!! US!! in a mad tone! (Our dogs name is Gus and he HATES! me) So finally we got to the zoo and we were meeting Grandma and Grandpa Franc, Jer, Jordan, Rion, Logan, Jimie, Ori, Emmette, Francelle, Bryan, My mom, and Sabreena there! WoW what a group! But it was way fun we watch a bird show and the elephant show, Broden wanted the ball in the elephant pin! HE loves balls! he was a little scared of the Gorillas! There was one that came right up to the window to play with him and look at him he liked it at first and then decided he was starring at him to long!!

Broden we love you Very much!, you have started to talk but are still trying to get the words out!! You say Ball, izza for pizza, dog, atch for catch, ater for water, ink for drink and mommmmmy! (you really do drag it out that long!) You like to volunteer for the prayer but nothing is ever said, but hmmm hmmm hmmm Amen,and no one can help you But you do a great job! You are mister independent for sure! You LOVE music and LOVE to direct it is sacrament! You are my pal and know how to push daddy's buttons! We love you and are grateful to be your parents! And as i write this you are pushing a chair across the floor to find food you love to munch!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have started getting up at 6:00am and I feel my body is not fighting it as much as it use to! Which I am glad about because I was not getting out of bed until 10:00am for a while just because of the thoughts I had about life and its out comes, not that my is as bad as others, but I felt as if I was in a hole. I think we all have peaks and holes. But to today's activities I got up cleaned up the mess from last night because I was so mad at the boys that I wanted to veg as soon as I put them to bed so I left the mess. Then did some study in Preach My Gospel I took the attributes test in there a couple weeks ago and am trying to work on my lowest scores, because every little bit helps. Watch the Morning Rush News and then went to wake up Ty for school. Tegan is liking school and has been pretty good to get up when he needs to. This morning he did well but wanted to wear an army shirt he is so into the army thing right now! He has been wearing this light jacket to school that is army and even has been wearing it in the classroom! I would be so hot!! His teacher wanted him to wear purple, but I did not know of any boy that would wear purple, maybe I am wrong! So I found a shirt with guitars on it that had purple on it he was ok with that. Broden today woke up later then normal which is wired for him, but he was ready to play with brother. As I watch them play stick horse running around the kitchen table I realized it doesn't get better then this. I am so lucky I get to stay home and be able to see these moments between them and am blessed to have kids that really do love each other. Then that brief moment was enter by the thought of oh yes Tegan had homework last night and I was busy we must do that on to the next activity of life!

How people open our eyes

I am grateful to our Heavenly Father for making so many kinds of people, to teach and learn from their examples and trials. I hope that I can take a little of what has happened to this woman and work it into my daily life. Because I have been thinking of more of what I could do to be more like our savior and it is always a work in progress, but sometimes you wonder am I going on the path that has been laid for me or am I fighting back so hard that my eyes are not even open to the path that I need to see. I love the part that she says her children are a privilege. I think I need to focus more on them and helping them to find their little inner spirits of talent. At times I wonder if I should be doing hair. I love it and enjoy it very much, but I stress so much about the time it takes away at nights and the contention it brings i wonder if it helps us out as much as we think. Which this is a bad time to think about this because we just put in another station and were going to have someone rent the space from me! I know bad timing, but when I think about it I feel sadly at peace, because I know I need to be with my family. I guess I will ponder some more about this and see what the lord is wanting me to do! Here is the video put from but she also has a blog as well.