Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catch UP!

This is what my life is about! It never is about staying on top of things, it is always playing catch up. From the bills, laundry, the blog, homework, date night, car cleaning, the salon, all of it. If one thing would stay caught up on I would be in heaven. So clear from March this is what has happened with are family!

Ty and I had our 6year wedding anniversary which was great! It was my year to plan so we went to Salt Lake and stayed as the Little America for the weekend. First we stopped at Color Me Mine and made a Mug that says DAD and a Plaque that says Messes Make Memories, because that is what I always try to tell my self as the blankets and stuffed animals are being pulled from every knock and cranny of the house. After Color Me mine we went to Smart Cookie and grab some Sugar cookies for the night, went and checked in, went to Pizza Factory and then to Kingsbury Hall For Romeo and Juliet the ballet hip-hop(He was a good sport for going with me that is not his favorite) When we were there we saw Cher and Matt they were there for their anniversary, we sat by them for the show it was so much fun.

Broden has been taking speech help from Kids on the Move and it has helped tremendously. I hope that it will continue to help.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rides Home From Getting Daddy

SO the last two days have been kinda fun! On the way home from picking up Ty we were all repeating lines from Mega Mind (Love this show) Ty ask Tegan do you know what LOL means, because my favorite line was "LOL Smiley face!" He said he did not. So Ty proceeds to tell him that it means Love You Lots. I busted a gut! I said do you know what LOL means and he then thought for a min. and said why would they use a O instead of and then it clicked. ("Light bulb!") anther one of my Favorite movies (Despicable Me!) I said it means Laugh Out Loud and LUL means Love you Lots. It was Funny! Then the next day we had to take are car in to get it fixed there was a recall on it so thank heavens i did not have to pay for it. But we were able to get a loaner car to drive a really nice Kia Berrado I loved it! It made me miss my Kia Sorento so much. But like Ty said do you want to end up in the same place we just got out of. No I don't but it sure would be nice! I will just work really hard to get the car I want one day! But for now I have a car and it gets me and my family where I need to be. The lord always works miracles to make you smile again.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parenting Trying Another Way

Maybe I will find a way!So I read this book on parenting called Love and Logic. I really loved it! I had heard from a patient when I work and Dr. Pitts office that it was a great book. I thought well maybe one day I will need that, well that day has come. Sooner then I thought actually. So yes I have been using this way of parenting for about a week. I think it is working because it is getting harder before it gets easier so I hope I am doing something right with it. I seem to not get so upset and seem to not be yelling as much. (shocked I know we don't yell here at our house do you at yours?)

A Day of Frustration and Love

Today was full of the ups and downs of parenting! Of Tegan showing me he is a big boy and getting up and ready and eating all of his breakfast without me having to remind him at all. Then coming home and rushing around the house clean microwave, self clean oven on, washer loaded and going, Broden dressed(even when he did not want to and I had to chase him to get him!) Grandma Great coming to get her hair done was great she went red it was so cute on her! I hope she likes it. Me getting Tegan off the bus, He tried to tell me that his friends mom was not home so that he needed to come to our house! Silly kid I know his mom they were home! Came home finished grandma's hair and she made them a corn dog, because they were fixing it by them seleves cooking it in the Microwave at 21min long ( I think they were done)
Grandma went home and Teg had been playing the xbox( I hate that thing right now) He did not listen and was yelling at me, ty called said will ya come get me yep, changed a stink bum and left, tegan still mad and lecturing me the whole way! (Frustration) Dad gets in car, hears teg doesn't say much then stop please, Me (frustrated say something dad), get home I need to get dinner done before hair comes so I can eat, Potstickers and rice yum! Ty helps, teg yells about chores and homework some more, I yell (frustration), cut hair, help with homework, he chooses to yell at me I walked away. He came and we did homework and he did great(LOVE) Tub, and boys laughing and playing(LOVE), Mom came and looked at my tree (I will post later) Boys played and laugh with fam! They love breena and bryan! Scriptures and prayers, water spills after being told to sit still listen and stop! Dad's upset, puts his foot down me (finally), then teg crys we feel bad and explain to help him understand! (LOVE)!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Congrats to My Hubby!

He received a promotion at work a couple of weeks ago! So he is now the lead installer for Magleby Companies Cabinets. He was working on the framing crew, and was ok with it, but he would have much rather been doing this he loves detail and is so good at it! He will now be the one to read the plans and make the calls instead of being the go for... guy! GOOD JOB honey! I knew you could do it! You just have to work hard and believe in your self! LUV YOU!

Happy B-day to Mom!

It was in January but we had a fun time. It was her 50th b-day, last year we did a party and this year it was just our family. It was fun! We went bowling and play games at Jack and Jills in Lehi, then had cake and Ice Cream at her house. Sabreena made a Wrangler Bum cake, we tried to make it black, but it was more of a gray color! Thanks for being a great mom , I wish you the best this year!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life changers!

Ok so real fast before Tegan gets home I have to share three things that have changed my life.

1. Deals to Meals! Amazing blog about food storage and she makes your meauns each week for what you are going to eat with the deals of the week. The food is AMAZING! She is so worth the 4.95 a month I pay to get the grocery list and menu! I save so much money in food items and it is so much easier to shop for it!

2. Freebies2Deals tarted couponing last year because of her and she has made it so easy and fun I am addicted! I have so many free good shavers! And we got good deals on circus tickets last year!

3. FHE for a year! Love this every Saturday or Sunday she post the lesson. Its all there activity, lesson song and you just print, share, and comment about her site and it makes FHE so easy! The boys have really liked it!

Thanks to all these fine folks my life has been simplify a ton! I get to do the things I love and still spend time with the family!

Check them out they might just help you change your life!

The daily moring routine to get to the bus stop!

"Teg you have 15min before my alarm goes off, you better get ready, your going to miss the bus."
Tegan, "Is it friday?"
"No, we have ___ day till friday."
"Oh ok when I get home can I play Halo"
"You have to"
He interrupts "I know I will do my homework , I know I know geeze"
"Not everyday is a game day, you play way to long when you play."
Nothing from him.
"Teg come eat please are you dressed yet you have 10min before my alarm goes off"
"Ok can you help me with my...."
"Yes come here, Where is your...."
Watch T.V a little longer.
"Teg I am going to shut that off if you don't hurry. My alarm just went off, are you done eating?"
"Yes, but I didn't brush my teeth!"
"Hurry Tegan you are going to miss the bus, you need to get up when I ask buddy, this drives me crazy!"
"Do I have to do my hair today mom?"
"It would be nice,but we don't have time, get you jacket, your gloves are in the bag, don't forget to turn in your.... hurry get in the car."
"Mom its a van."
"Oh sorry, the van"
Driving to the bus stop
"I hope we didn't miss it"
"I don't see anyone walking mom, oh there they are, we didn't miss it."
Waiting for the bus with 2min to spare
"Mom when you turn 21 you are old."
"Yep and when you are 26 you are really old."
"Dad is 26"
"He is not going to die is he?"
"I hope not!"
"Oh there is the bus!"
He scrambles for the door every time and it is always locked. Is is like the bus is only going to open the door for 2 seconds and I am going to have to throw him on it.
So then I scramble for the unlock button to get to it by the time he says
"MOM geeze open the door, I going to miss the bus!"
"Bye have a great day, be good, listen to your teacher. I will be" slam door "when you get back and we will." Uh never mind I am done.

Early Mornings

We are a one car family, we sold both of our cars to help with our finances and got a minivan I know, but it has been nice with the kids not like I have enough to feel it but hey it works. I am getting off the subject. Anyway we are hoping with our tax return we might be able to get another one, but for now this is what we do. We have been taking Ty to work early, packing the kids up and going to Lindon. Not that far, but getting them in the car, with their dead wait sleeping bodies is giving me strong muscles I guess. For a little while Ty had to be there by 10min to 6:00am so I was getting up at 4:45 to make sure we left by 5:15am, because the group he carpooled with would leave if you were not there on time and then I would have to take him to Bountiful( never had to do that, but did not want to.) I have really enjoyed our morning drives together, even if we don't say anything but hold hands, it has made me realize how much we need each other, even when I still have to drag him out of bed to get him there on time and am waiting in the car with the kids. But he at least say thanks for making his lunch and things he has noticed I did that night before. In the silence I at least know we are in this together. Which I have not felt that way for a while so the effort has been noted and seen. That makes me feel like I am good for something after I have been waiting for him in car in the early hours of the morning. Love ya sweetie! We now get up at 5:45am to be there by 10min to 7:00am much better! Tegan hated it first, Broden did not care. Tegan now says are taking dad in the morning,night. Because he can't decide if it is moring or night when we leave and get back.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Saturdays

The last two Saturdays Have been great for the Fam! Two Saturdays ago the boys and Ty went Ice Fishing at Strawberry with Grandpa Franc, Ben, Jer, Jordan, Rion, Logan and Grandma Franc. They Said they had a blast. I stayed home and worked from 10:00-5:30, but it was a great day. Brodens little face was so red and chapped, but he said he had fun! Jordan stepped in a hole they had drilled, I asked Ty if it was cold for her he said I don't know we didn't worry about it. But she still has a foot so I guess it wasn't like frost bitten or anything.

This last Saturday my friend Cherie, moved her nail stuff down to start doing nails from my house. I am really excited to have her here and I hope it all works out for her. We went to Del taco for Lunch (there went the diet when I ate the fries, but I will burn them off tomorrow I hope.) At Del Taco Broden was to short to get up the playset, so we told Tegan to kneel down like a Lion and let him stand on his back to get up, there was like four steps he had to do each time he did and did not complain once. They played so good and just helped each other out. They really do love each other! Then we went to Target while the boys went to Home Depot, because we were getting a mat for her chairs so the did not scratch the floor, and they were getting stuff to paint her desk and bathroom. We had decided that as long as we had been friends we had never been shopping together. So crazy, we both are on a budget and feel guilty so we just don't go. But it was way fun! The Bathroom is finally painted. (I will post some pictures when I get it decorated) Ty said now I don't have to hear about "When are we going to finish the bathroom?" My response was "Well you should have done it sooner and then you wouldn't have had to listen to me ask!" I am way excited! They stayed for dinner (which was pizza another thing to burn off) and then we set up her stuff some more! They are such great friends and have always been there for us I hope one day they will need us to do more stuff for them, because they are always helping us out in some way! Thanks Jim and Cherie we love ya!

This Saturday Ty made Hot Chocolate and Toast, Broden eat it just write and made him look like this!

New Year New US!

We went to the Cabin for New Years and had a good time. The snow was crazy out of control. My brother in law built a snow cave at Thanksgiving time, and it was covered by at least 4ft of snow! It was fun! Broden was asleep but Tegan was awake, because he wanted to do fireworks! We watched movies and had food as always! Tegan I think played Video games for like five hours(I know bad mom), he loves it and it was New Years! As the New Year came I felt a since of peace and energy come over me. I still feel it to this day I am so excited about things and feel I have more motivation to do things. Here is to a good year of doing what the Lord has in store for me, not what I think the Lord should give me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OUR Christmas Magic

This post is dedicated to all my tender mercies that happened this holiday season. This year will be a year I will never forget, the Lord has been by my side at times when I could not see him, holding my head above water more then once. It all started out at Thanksgiving time, we were up at the Cabin and we have always had a living tree, not a plastic (hey if you do it is ok!), but we have a 3ft tree fake tree that we let the kids decorate, this year that was going to be our tree. We were sitting at the table at the cabin eating some lunch and our neighbors came by they had an extra tree permit and asked if anyone over here would want one! Ty jumped up and said "YES! We would!" and said quietly " If no one else does". He went outside to get it from the man I went a shook his hand, He said "I didn't know that a tree was that big of a deal!" I told him "You have know idea". Blessings come in all different shapes and sizes ours came in the shape of a tree! I had a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit so it did not get decorate til Christmas Eve but it was done.

We have had gift cards in the mail from anonymous people, with great messages on the cards and some even left at our door. Thanks the gift cards helped with so many things from food to items needed! Thanks you so much!

Next My mom told me that someone wanted to be Santa for our family this year. I had no words and was amazed to see what they had done for us. It will never be forgotten and one day I will be able to do this wonderful, amazing life changing experience for someone else who will be in need. Thank you to whom ever you may be one, or many, you will never understand what warmth and joy you have brought in to our family's soul, because of your willingness to give to someone in need. We are so eternally grateful. It has brought hope, love, faith, peace, and gratitude back into our home and hearts. It has made us look to this new year with a open heart and mind and feels as if there is a lightened load. Thanks!

Next was Santa showing up at our home, with a bag full of goodies and two airplanes and candies for our boys. Tegan talked to him and Broden was asleep I was at my in-laws working on Christmas presents for the boys which I will show later. But he wanted to check in on us and say hello to the boys! In the bag was flour, sugar, brown sugar, choc. chips, oil, and many other goody cooking things. Candies, homemade goodies, and two envelopes to Tyson and I. Which contained some gift cards and letters to us. They were from a family who had gone through some of the same things we had been through and wanted to share their feelings with us. Each letter nailed to a T how me and Ty were feeling as individuals and as partner and as moms and dads, I still read this letter and it gives me courage to fight my battle, the effect of this will last a life time and generations to come.

Next me and the boys had gone somewhere and come back and Tegan says mom who is that present for. I said what present, on a dresser in the garage was a box that said to Tegan and Broden do not open till Christmas, So we put it under the tree and waited Christmas morning we let the boys open it and WOW it was a Nintendo DS with a game I could not believe it. My boys have enjoyed it and even shared really well. Thank you this has made me see that it is fun to have those kind of gadgets, I have forgotten with these hard times that kids need to be kids and have kid things to. Some of theses things are what makes growing up so much fun, Ty has enjoyed it to!

One night I came home and the light is out in my garage I went to go up the stairs and ran into a box, a heavy box. We don't have a garage door opener so we leave it open when we have to go some where quick. I knocked on the door to have Ty come and get it because I could not lift it. he said who did this I said I do not know did you hear anyone. He said No, so we brought it in side and in it was a whole dinner for our Christmas Eve , Turkey, homemade rolls, potatoes, stuffing, tootsies rolls for the kids, pumpkin pie, cool whip, salad you name it. It was all there. We shared with my mom and dad because we would have never ate it all. This will be a tradition in our home. It was so nice to sit around the table with each other and enjoy a meal that had so much love feeding our soul.

I know there was so many more things I did not see, but I sure felt everyone's prayers and love this year. Thanks to everyone who ever you maybe and know that you are thought of and prayed for daily.

For Christmas for Bonnie and Jim we had the grand kids pictures taken at PhotoFly in Draper, They did a great job for so cheap! Then we had each couple and kids write a letter to them and it was just suppose to make it look like a bow on top, but it looked like a tree because of how many people we have in our fam! It was fun to make and easy!