Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catch UP!

This is what my life is about! It never is about staying on top of things, it is always playing catch up. From the bills, laundry, the blog, homework, date night, car cleaning, the salon, all of it. If one thing would stay caught up on I would be in heaven. So clear from March this is what has happened with are family!

Ty and I had our 6year wedding anniversary which was great! It was my year to plan so we went to Salt Lake and stayed as the Little America for the weekend. First we stopped at Color Me Mine and made a Mug that says DAD and a Plaque that says Messes Make Memories, because that is what I always try to tell my self as the blankets and stuffed animals are being pulled from every knock and cranny of the house. After Color Me mine we went to Smart Cookie and grab some Sugar cookies for the night, went and checked in, went to Pizza Factory and then to Kingsbury Hall For Romeo and Juliet the ballet hip-hop(He was a good sport for going with me that is not his favorite) When we were there we saw Cher and Matt they were there for their anniversary, we sat by them for the show it was so much fun.

Broden has been taking speech help from Kids on the Move and it has helped tremendously. I hope that it will continue to help.