Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To the one I love

Memorial Day Weekend was a scary time for us. Tyson was not feeling well earlier that week and of course I was like you are such a baby. Friday night he went to bed and was not feeling well. Saturday morning we are in the ER being check. They checked him over and said that they were going to run some blood work and see what came from that. The nurse comes in turns and looks at me and says your husband is having a heart attack. I said are you kidding. Of course he was not. So as fast as we were in the room was as fast as he was off to have his heart looked at. I could see that he was really scared and you could see his discomfort. At this point I was in shock, but thought I need to be strong for him and let him know he will be ok. He started to cry and told me to tell the boys he loved them and we were off down the hall. I give him a kiss I went one way and he went another. There I am standing in a waiting room holding his belonging and wedding ring in my hand. Praying that it will be ok and leaving it up to my Heavenly Father to decide our journey. Family came and was me, which I am so grateful to have. After an hour I think, I was trying not to ponder on the time, it may have been longer. He came out and was to not move for the next 6 hours, so to ICU we went to recover. After 3 days in ICU and a really bad nurse. The conclusion was that a piece of plaque had broken off in the heart and bacteria had attached itself to the plaque, then his body created a clot to get rid of the bacteria. So now we are on 2 RX for life most likely, an Aspirin a day, Ibuprofen and 3 different kinds of vitamins. We are walking and eating are fruits and veggies. When I was standing there holding his things I thought to myself I thought we would be old before we had to do something like this, and what would I tell the boys, how would Broden remember him, have I done everything possible to let him know that he is my only one, and have I taken care of him and said the things I should have instead of things I shouldn't have.

So To the one I love:
You make me smile bigger then any one ever could
You make my dark days light
When you come into a room I am clam
I Love you
I am so proud of you and your ability to fight your weaknesses
I am grateful for the time you work to provide so much for our family
Thanks for playing with the kids
Thanks for doing the dishes, laundry,and other chores
Thanks for listening to me at 11:00 at night and still talking back
I Love you
Thanks for remembering the things I have looked at in stores and getting them on special occasions.
You make me laugh (really hard)
You are my friend since i have no girls to talk to. SO Thanks for being a good girly friend J/K
You make me feel pretty
Thanks for letting me pick the movie when we go out.
Thanks for letting me tell you what to do and doing it.
Thanks for going to church the times you do.
Thanks for going to dinner at my moms and staying until 10:00 at night
I love the way you can pinch with your toes(ouch)
I love you for your laziness(if makes me stop and enjoy the ride)
There is so much more, But how about I LOVE YOU FOR YOU!!

Thanks for staying with us and I hope our journey is never cut short.

I thought!

I thought that I would be doing better at this and I was until the stupid computer things and I really did not want to have to drive to use some ones computer to update but now I think It would have been better then to have missed out on all the fun things and challenges we have had! So one day (or should I say night I will stay up late and update. Thats the ony time I really get anything done!) I really want to make a book out of this so I will try harder!