Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lake Powell!

Crazy Yes!! Did we almost turn around and go home yes! Did we have fun once we got there! YES YES YES!!

Ty's fam has a house boat and we go for a week and always have so much fun!! We have not been because of me going to school, me having a baby and money! This year the money thing was worse then other years and we decided we for sure needed a break from life!! So we got together what we could and said off we go!! Sabreena my sister had never been and we said you are coming no choice!! I think she had fun it was fun to have her there! On the way down there we blew a tire and waited for them in Scipio not much there but some squeaky cheese. So that was fun!! Then got on the road and blew out another tire, waited to get that fixed and it was a down pour of rain! By this time I had packed enough stuff for entertainment I thought, but they were now bored of what I had brought! Got back on the road made it to well almost Kanab. A barring went out on the boat trailer. Left the boat there and truck and went into town to see what we could do by this time kids were hungry and parents were tired!! So we the women and Bret (Ty's brother), decided to stay at this park and let the kids play, it was a fun park so that was good! We had pizza and played, we waited and waited and waited. We even were to the point of playing red rover and laying on each others tummies to laugh! It was late and we were done!! The men returned, but the parts had not worked, but at this point we said who cares we are making it to Powell! So 13 hours later and I do not know how much money later! We made it and had a blast!! Tegan is a fish and was in the water all day! Broden hates the water and was in twice the whole week!! It was my 25th b-day and Jim and Bonnies b-day down there to! So we made dutch oven for everyone and had peach cobbler for my b-day! They even put balloons and sang to me when I came down from upstairs! They are such a great family!!

Tegan's First Fish he caught on his own!

Ty The Pirate

The park that we stayed at while the boys went to work on the boat trailer! The play ground instead of bark or sand it was made from left of rubber stamps from Stampin UP!

The rain storm we waited in while the other tire was fixed!

The tire shop before the down poor!

Tegan's 5 !

For Tegan 5th B-day he wanted an Iron Man party and to have some friends and family over! So we did water activities and had cake later that night!! He wanted a pool for his b-day so we took him to pick out one I am so glad I did not pick it out or I would have been a lame parent! He picked out the Jurassic Pool with this T-Rex that shoots water out of his mouth! The kids had a blast, he has made some cool friends this summer and it has been hard for me to say ok you can go to so and so house! So scary for mom! He wanted me to make his cake and by all means I am not a cake decorated(leave it to Liz if she reads this hers are awesome!) But I tried and he loved It!

To our Tegan:
We love you and are very proud of who you are! Thanks for being a great Big brother and playing with Broden! Dad loves to play games with you and you are very good at Mario! I hope you will always love the water and ocean! You are funny and silly! You have learned how to whistle and write your name! Thanks for being our son and friend!

Up dates!!

Ok so thins year I really wanted to make a book out of this blog and maybe I still will if I can get caught up!! But we will catch up real fast and then try to update once a week! I know I have said this and we are all just saying sure she will NOT!!!

Here it goes! So after having Tyson heart attack he was off of work and then went back for light duty which he did obey pretty good! Now the eating healthy thing did good when I could make him lunch in bed and see what he was eating and of course he has to have his pop and candy bar everyday(for those of you who know him you know it is just not a little it is a lot of POP!! like 144oz of POP!! NO WATER I could only wish!!)
Well a week after he had been back to work they laid him off! So yes that would make sense right! No I do not think so! So we once again were back to trying to figure out how to put food on the table! since our last difficult trial I had said not matter how much even if it is a dollar I am putting it in savings! So they say every little bit helps and it for sure does we had enough for at least 3 house payments and now we are unemployment looking for a job! The fun never ends!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Click on the link it will help you to know that your Heavenly Father knows you and loves you. Especially through the rough times.I saw this today when I went to search for some answers and it brought me to tears. I know there are good things to come!