Friday, March 4, 2011

Rides Home From Getting Daddy

SO the last two days have been kinda fun! On the way home from picking up Ty we were all repeating lines from Mega Mind (Love this show) Ty ask Tegan do you know what LOL means, because my favorite line was "LOL Smiley face!" He said he did not. So Ty proceeds to tell him that it means Love You Lots. I busted a gut! I said do you know what LOL means and he then thought for a min. and said why would they use a O instead of and then it clicked. ("Light bulb!") anther one of my Favorite movies (Despicable Me!) I said it means Laugh Out Loud and LUL means Love you Lots. It was Funny! Then the next day we had to take are car in to get it fixed there was a recall on it so thank heavens i did not have to pay for it. But we were able to get a loaner car to drive a really nice Kia Berrado I loved it! It made me miss my Kia Sorento so much. But like Ty said do you want to end up in the same place we just got out of. No I don't but it sure would be nice! I will just work really hard to get the car I want one day! But for now I have a car and it gets me and my family where I need to be. The lord always works miracles to make you smile again.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parenting Trying Another Way

Maybe I will find a way!So I read this book on parenting called Love and Logic. I really loved it! I had heard from a patient when I work and Dr. Pitts office that it was a great book. I thought well maybe one day I will need that, well that day has come. Sooner then I thought actually. So yes I have been using this way of parenting for about a week. I think it is working because it is getting harder before it gets easier so I hope I am doing something right with it. I seem to not get so upset and seem to not be yelling as much. (shocked I know we don't yell here at our house do you at yours?)

A Day of Frustration and Love

Today was full of the ups and downs of parenting! Of Tegan showing me he is a big boy and getting up and ready and eating all of his breakfast without me having to remind him at all. Then coming home and rushing around the house clean microwave, self clean oven on, washer loaded and going, Broden dressed(even when he did not want to and I had to chase him to get him!) Grandma Great coming to get her hair done was great she went red it was so cute on her! I hope she likes it. Me getting Tegan off the bus, He tried to tell me that his friends mom was not home so that he needed to come to our house! Silly kid I know his mom they were home! Came home finished grandma's hair and she made them a corn dog, because they were fixing it by them seleves cooking it in the Microwave at 21min long ( I think they were done)
Grandma went home and Teg had been playing the xbox( I hate that thing right now) He did not listen and was yelling at me, ty called said will ya come get me yep, changed a stink bum and left, tegan still mad and lecturing me the whole way! (Frustration) Dad gets in car, hears teg doesn't say much then stop please, Me (frustrated say something dad), get home I need to get dinner done before hair comes so I can eat, Potstickers and rice yum! Ty helps, teg yells about chores and homework some more, I yell (frustration), cut hair, help with homework, he chooses to yell at me I walked away. He came and we did homework and he did great(LOVE) Tub, and boys laughing and playing(LOVE), Mom came and looked at my tree (I will post later) Boys played and laugh with fam! They love breena and bryan! Scriptures and prayers, water spills after being told to sit still listen and stop! Dad's upset, puts his foot down me (finally), then teg crys we feel bad and explain to help him understand! (LOVE)!