Friday, March 4, 2011

Rides Home From Getting Daddy

SO the last two days have been kinda fun! On the way home from picking up Ty we were all repeating lines from Mega Mind (Love this show) Ty ask Tegan do you know what LOL means, because my favorite line was "LOL Smiley face!" He said he did not. So Ty proceeds to tell him that it means Love You Lots. I busted a gut! I said do you know what LOL means and he then thought for a min. and said why would they use a O instead of and then it clicked. ("Light bulb!") anther one of my Favorite movies (Despicable Me!) I said it means Laugh Out Loud and LUL means Love you Lots. It was Funny! Then the next day we had to take are car in to get it fixed there was a recall on it so thank heavens i did not have to pay for it. But we were able to get a loaner car to drive a really nice Kia Berrado I loved it! It made me miss my Kia Sorento so much. But like Ty said do you want to end up in the same place we just got out of. No I don't but it sure would be nice! I will just work really hard to get the car I want one day! But for now I have a car and it gets me and my family where I need to be. The lord always works miracles to make you smile again.

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Allison Wagstaff said...

LOL, that is so funny!