Monday, July 6, 2009

Tegan going to be 4!

This is to my little man!This week you will be turing 4 years old! You always say "Mom, look I growin!" And you are I am so proud of my Teg-man.I can not believe how old my little man is going to be it is so sad, but has been exciting to watch you grow! You are getting to be so smart and so independent not like that was a surprise or anything! You love movies,to play games, like your v-smile and the wii and still love books! You love pop, candy, popcorn with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and pizza! You love going to grandma's house! You always want to know "What's next?", or "Where we goin today mom?" or "Do ya have hair today mom?" You are full of life and energy and test my patients at times, but we love you and are so glad you our boy! Have a Happy B-day! Love Mom and Dad!