Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pony Express Days NextFit

We did a booth at the Eagle Mountain Pony Express Days for NextFit Business! It was a great experience! The weather was bad on Friday, but Saturday turned out alright! Business is going good so that's all that matters! One funny thing that happened was we had a drawing to win an exercises system and the mom and daughter enter on two separate papers to win and they ended up each winning one. I went to High school with the girl who one it her name was Jen Romero in school, but she married a Johnson I hope she will use it. Tegan had a blast on the rides, we were lame parents and forgot the camera the night we went on the rides! He was sacred to go on the big slide, but went with his uncle Jim(who by the way is awesome and loves our kids to death! It isn't really even his uncle just a good friend!) We had a good Time!

Congrats Grads of 2009!

My sister in-law graduate this year and we went to celebrate at Los Hermonos! It was a little crowd, but it was all good! Congrats! We wish ya the best! My cousin also graduate! Good Luck to you to Brad!

Fun in the Park

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ok Wow! I am alive!

Wow it has been a while! Life goes by way to fast! So where to start! We will start with Tegan's Preschool Program. He did not graduate, I still have one more year for that! He was so cute and stole the show for sure, he sang so loud and wanted his grandma to get here hands ready to sign the songs with him! He mad sure to tell her that, he also made sure to tell his teacher that one of the kids from the audience should not be up with them. The little stink! I can not believe he will be turning 4 on the 9th of July Crazy!! Next we have been working on a lot of projects around our house I wish we could just finish one of them! The back yard is a dirt, because there were so many weeds back there we decided to dig it up, I guess would should have waited until we could get grass oh well, one day! The next one is the basement! i wish we could get it painted, maybe for Teg's b-day we will get it done for him so he will have a fun play room! Broden is crawling all over the place and the pic on here do not even look like my little guy any more, time to get some new ones done! He is so mellow and shy, but don't let him fool ya he can cause some serious damage. His new favorite thing is to push the button on the DVD player and watch it come out the problem is , he does it when everyone is watching the show and then we put it back in, skip to where we are at and start all over we do this all night until he goes to sleep. At least lately we just do not watch it so we don't have to deal with it. I am so grateful for my kids and the happiness they bring to my life, I know sometimes I may not show it, because I am to busy giving orders, but I really am glad to be a mom and a wife! Ok p.s funny story my husband would die if he new this was on here, but it is such a funny story I have to write it so I remember so my husband got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night like usual he goes so much I wonder if he is a pregnant mother. Anyways, He did not lift the toilet seat up, i have one of those decorative toilet seat things on there, so pee was all over that. He said he thought i sounded funny so, he looked down and yep he forgot to put the seat up. I was asleep heard him get up, thought it sounded different, but thought it was because i was so tired, nope I was wrong and so was he! We laughed for the next couple of days! I will post some pics of what are fam has been up to hopefully tommorrow! Hope all is good in your neck of the woods!