Friday, January 29, 2010

Show and Tell

Tegan today had show and tell he had to bring something with a tail so he wanted to take his turtle he was so excited and wanted to write what he was going to say, so we jotted down a few things and he was so happy to be doing this today thanks Mrs Summer you are awesome!
Well I was thinking that the title show and tell was great for me today because I have a few tell items I guess I will get pictures on later. So I have decided to start a little boutique in my salon and am making headbands, bows, clips some crafts and will have other peoples stuff in it as well so I will be making a post in Febuary of all the things that have been gathered and made. Then the other thing is I have decided to start doing the coupon thing because of this nice lady I have a button on the side! Check it out she is awesome and takes most of the work out of it besides the organizing, I need to be more prepared for rough times ahead and I have decided to step out and do some things about it. I also want to do dry mixes(the premade mixes) and 72 hour kits. One thing at a time but there are some goals. My other tell was this lady in my ward does awesome photo's! Check out her blog

Friday, January 22, 2010

January Moments

It has been a good month from playing in the snow to doing raspberry's at the dinner table! This month has seem to fly by I can not believe it! New Years resolutions are still going on! Hair was a good month and was busy! Tegan has been learning about dinosaurs this month at his preschool, he loved to go to school this month and wanted to know what they where learning about each day, he loves preschool anyways, but it was an exciting month they were going to the Thanksgiving point today for the museum, but of course I was not invited because he is a big boy! One day I will go with him! Broden is growing but is still small! He has the funniest personality he makes our days a little bit lighter with his sweet spirit!He is also my little destroyer! I love my fam very much!

Mom's Surprise

My mom turned 49 this year and my dad thought it would be a great idea to throw her a surprise party! So the week went by and I I hand not talked to my dad, but when I called he said he still wanted to do it on that Saturday and it was wed night by the way! it was a little crazy, But like my Grand ma said "what did ya expect when you left a man in charge" I know Grandma thanks for the advise! Any way it turned out great and we had both sides of the family there Rassy and Mecham. She new something was up because my dad does not plan all the time so he told her we have to be back at 3:00pm, but she did not know everyone would be there! It was great we had hamburgers and salads and all chit chatted as Tegan would say! Happy B-day mom Hope you had a good one!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years Night

What a good way to start off the year! We stayed home and had two couples over that our are best friends. Really great people! Jim and Cherie Kenison and Jason and Marlanie Martinez and their family, they have 3 boys and 1 girl. We had pizza and munchies! And played Rock Band it was a blast we actually did not start rock band until 10:45 I think, because we were so busy having fun that it just flew by!

A new year with a new attitude!

This past year we have been through our ups and downs, but with a new year here it is always time to start over as some may say! But I do not want to start over, and leave things behind but, start with a new attitude and approach of how I look at things I guess you would say! Like my sister-in-law has brought to my attention is the "Time is Now". She heard it in a talk given by someone (the name slips my mind) in conference. She is always reminding me of this and I am glad! My other favorite is "Come what may and Love it". This is in my living room so I can look at it daily if needed. The time for me is now, to make my life a better place for me and family and whoever may wonder my way! I am extremely grateful for family and friends, and their great impression on me, in ways you may not know. But you never know who is watching and you always know who is always watching. Thank to all of you who help to change peoples lives for the better!