Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so excited for Thanksgiving! We love the left overs for sandwiches! This year just keeps going faster and faster! Buy the way only two more pay checks until Christmas I sure you all wanted to know that!
I am just so thankful to be able to have a roof over my head and food on the table as the weather starts to get cold and Thanksgiving is near
My sister-in-law was able to bring her baby home today and I was so excited to go see him, but I have a cold and he is still in a very fragile state, until his next surgery. He came home with oxygen and a feeding tube and has to go back to the doctor to see if he can start eating from a bottle on Fri. His next surgery gives him a 90% chance of living when the last one only gave him a 60%-75% chance at life. We made it through this one, but time will tell us what is to come. Heavenly Father has answered many prayers for our family!
Tegan has been being such a good boy lately, I have tried to not yell as much. Sometimes I feel like all I give is orders. So we have been trying 3 warnings and then time out. It works pretty good, but I hope it last.
Broden is growing and will be three months old on the 24th! I can't believe he will be that big already! We are going to bless him on Dec. 7th.
I wish every one a very Happy Turkey Day! Don't get to full!
Love the Franc Family

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being Thankful!

With Thanksgiving nearing I have been thinking of things I am grateful for! I am extremely grateful for my family, my husband is so good to me and loves me to pieces. He comes home from a hard day at work and is still so willing to help with kids and around the house. He does so much for us and loves us very much! We love you daddy! I am also in love with the other two dudes in my life Little Broden and Big Bro Teg Man. They bring me so much happiness to see their smiles every morning!! I am blessed to be able to stay home with my little sunshine's! At times I wonder if I get anything done but, I know that I am teaching them things about life by being home!
At this time I am also so grateful for LIFE! My sister-in-law has had a baby born with a heart problem that has had to have major surgery just within a few days of being born. He did live and is still at primary children's hospital and everyday is a blessing to have him in our family! We love him very much and are so grateful for Heavenly Fathers hand in everything he has gone through! As I look at my little one I realize what a blessing it is to be here on this earth with my family and that I have the air to breath and that we are healthy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why I started to blog!

I have decided to start this blog because I have a sister-in-law that started one to keep people updated on her little boy who had to have heart surgery. It really helped people stay in touch with her and was fun to get updates from friends and family. I also wanted a better way to keep a record of our family fun!!

I really don't know a lot about this but it sure looks cute and fun!!

Tyson and I have just moved back into the same neighborhood we moved out of 2 years ago I guess you can say we missed it! We have had alot of things going on in our lives! We had are 2nd baby boy named Broden, moved into a knew home and finished cosmetology school with in the last year! I guess you can say things are going fast for us!