Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Budget

Well we have been on a tight budget, but I feel that we do kind of get side tracked here and there like most people. Recently my sister-in-law started the envelope system and I have always thought that maybe I would be bad with that because I see cash and I spend it, but I have decided to give it a try Ty just got paid from a side job and he gets paid on Friday so this will be my adventure this week I just found a cute way to make cute envelopes so I think I will try it! Wish me luck! It is hard to make money work when you do not make enough to make it on the basic items, but maybe this will help me stretch my dollar!

Things on the Mind!!

I wish that you could not worry sometimes, but then the times you don't worry you end up kicking yourself later for. For example: The dishes, I wish you didn't have to worry that you had to do them. But if you do not worry about them and just don't do them, guess what happens they pile and your house stinks and then you worry that tyour house stinks and how to make it not stink and then you worry that someone will come over and they will see and smell it and then you worry about what they think or if their house is clean, because they for sure have it all together at there house and so on and so on! I hate it!!
So the things on my mind:

Home stuff: clean bathrooms, organize closets, how to decorate each room and how to get the money to do that, bills how to pay them and when to pay them, clean turtle tank, put clothes in totes, clean spare room, get pee off ottoman (the dog did it), have the courage to get rid of the dog I hate the dog, clean the garage, mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, worry about the neighbors who hate our weeds so badly,paint guest bedroom, paint hutch, dresser and bed. how to keep the desk area organized it drives me nuts, clean carpets, hate our carpets so bad think of how I can get money for carpet, ty's b-day gift what to get,halloween parties, halloween candy going crazy!!

Work stuff: clean salon, get another person to rent space from me, get things ready for Cherie, clean towels, budget money save for cabinets, org closet, paint other room and do boutique stuff. It is hard running a business sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing.

Kid and Church stuff: homework, reading, not yelling then yelling and then not again, cleaning the same area three times in 20min, teaching to be nice, loving the enough, disciplining enough or not enough, spending enough time teaching them the gospel, reaching out to them in times of need. Going to church, being on time, getting ty to o with me, praying that ty will come, wanting to go to the temple, know that if I do it will work out, but fighting him every week so the boys don't ask one more time where daddy is and me telling them that this is what daddy chooses, wanting to do to RS, but knowing that the lord needs me in nursery.

WOW ok so just getting that out there did let my mind breath a little.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010