Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Blogs!!

I have started a couple more blogs, my husband is going to kill me! But I think it will be fun!

1. This one is for my salon and will most likely up date on a monthly bases(I think)! It will be fun to post new things I have done and products I have tried!

2. This one is for all the mom's out there that do not know what is for dinner! This one I have not set up yet but am going to this week! It will give you 30 dinners for the month and the grocery list to go with them as well as the recipes! I hope it works out as planned!

3.There might be one more, not sure yet! This is for the business that me and my hubby just started called Nextfit! It will tell you what it is about and give testimonials about what is doing for others and for us!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

Good Times I must say! Saturday we went to the BIG Easter egg hunt at Thanksgiving point! We went with my mom and brother! WOW lots of people and lots of eggs! It was fun! But I wish parents were not so I don't know how to say it maybe childish is the word. I don't want to offend anyone, but it is for ages 0-3 or 4-6 and there was some bigger kids out there I must say please just let your kids get the eggs not you! OK, but it was fun and Teg had a blast it was very cold! I would do it again just because they had other fun things to do for the kids! We then had a Easter party at Grandma Bonnie's house and had a blast with the kids they are at such fun ages! The best part was Emmett was there he is my nephew who has the heart defect and had just come home from his last surgery and has been doing great! I was so glad to have us all together as a family! Then we went home to dye Easter eggs which Tegan has done before but, I think he is starting to get the concept! The reason I am not so sure is because of his comment! This is from his own mouth! So I was getting the stuff ready for the eggs and I said "Are you ready to dye the eggs?" Tegan "Mom don't kill the eggs!!!" Me "I'm not going to kill them" Not understanding what he is saying! Tegan again"Mom don't kill the eggs please mom" then it registered "OH" "No honey we are going to color the eggs". Then he was OK with what we were going to do! We only did 12 eggs and the Easter bunny hid them all and we did find them all thank goodness! He was very excited to have the Easter bunny come but he made sure that I new that he did not want the bunny to come in his bed because, Dad had told him that the Easter bunny likes to nibble on little boys ears. So of course that made him scared! Sunday we went to my Grandma's for a hunt and had really good food and fun! She is such a cute Grandma and started to cry when we all left, she has had a lot happen for the better in the last couple of months and these moments we have are even more close to heart now! I have pic that I will post but my battery says it is exhausted!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cute Cousins!

In the same weekend we had are niece Francelle with us and we told her we were going to go to my mom's for dinner, we told her it was kind of like a farm with horses and cows and goats. She said she wanted to go and get her cowboy boots, so we went to her house and got her boots, which by the way are Baby Pink! Very cute. But anyways we went to see the horses and she said that they are her pets and she wanted to take one home. I told her we would have to ask her mommy about that one! But Tegan and her get along so well and they have so much fun together! I love to have such a great family that lives so close I am so blessed that way!

We had a blast taking her with us! I am so glad for now she likes to be with us! They grow up so fast, and forget how close you really were to them, but for now I will enjoy the moment!

Doing Our Duty!

I know it is almost the weekend again, but I figured I better write about last weekend, because it was so much crazy, but Fun!! Tyson is the building facility manager( I guess that is what you would call him) So Saturday we went to clean the church, Tegan likes to push the broom in the gym, I do bathrooms, (Yumm, not!!) Please tell your husbands to clean up after themselves just a little, It is nasty!, But any who!

We are going to clean the Church!

Then I did my mom and sisters hair they needed trims, Yeah for my mom she actually came in for a trim. Two times before this she waited almost 2 years for a trim, Crazy! Then came home to a crazy house because my dear great wonderful hubby was trying to get the water ran for my sink in the salon down stairs, so i can work here and not ant my mother-in-laws. Then my father-in-law received a call from my sister-in-law(wow that was a lot of in-law's) that she wasn't feeling well. She had hair she was doing and they had came from Wyoming so she did not want them to have to come back down. So I went over there and did hair until about 6:30. It was a long day but it was fun to be doing something I love!