Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that make you think about life

We have been very busy since Christmas it seems life doesn't slow down even when it's a new year! Christmas was great! We stayed at home as usual, but now we had two boys for Christmas it was great! Tegan was so excited, to see what Santa would bring him( I love having kids for the Christmas Magic is there all over again)! He had been sick with croup so we had taken him in to the Doctors the day before Christmas and they gave him a shot which of course he freaked out about! But anyways he didn't feel good when he woke up so he looked at his presents and decided to get in the shower to make him feel better. I was proud that he didn't through a fit because he was not able to open his presents right away! He got a giant Dinosaur that walks and him and daddy have a blast with it. He also got Hungry Hippos which I love to play with him. He made a haul! Mommy got a new camera so I can put more pictures on my blog yeah! But as I said in the beginning, life doesn't slow down and as Christmas was over I just kept thinking how much longer do I have to be with my family and friends and what memories I have with them. All I know is that I want to make as many as I can and let all of those that have been a part of my life how much they have meant to me! These are just a few of the things that made me think about life. We had my Grandma and Grandpa 50th wedding Anniversary It was great and so many people were there and it just made me think how many people they have touched including me. I also thought 50 years is along time, but I hope that I can make it that far with my sweet heart. HE is the best and works so hard for us to have the things we need and want! Before I had written about my sister-in-law who had a baby born with a heart defect. He was doing well, but had to go back to primary children's because he became sick. I was at her house one day I realized how much she does for her family and what a trooper she has been through all this The lord has been by her side to give her the energy to do the things she has done. Monday night he went back because he choked and had to be taken by ambulance. It makes you realize how life can be taken so fast, but also given a second chance. Sometimes as a mom you wonder if you are even noticed as you load the dishes in the dish washer for the second maybe third time for the day or maybe the clothes just magically appear to be clean in the closet. But this was the day I knew I was being watched. I couldn't find the keys to my car and Tegan was going to be late for preschool. I tried calling Ty like 20 times and he never answered. I finally found the keys and went to the car. The night before Tyson had tried to pull the car in so it would fit better next to his truck so we could get out of our doors easier. Well it was so twisted that I did not do a good job at pulling it out, it kind of scrapped the paint off my car. As the car hit the garage I said Dang IT, but the other word and all of a sudden Tegan repeated it. That is when I knew it did not matter how many times I loaded the dish washer, that my example meant more then the clean clothes in the closet that he never noticed. Well these are the things that have made me think about life and the direction I need to be pointed in! Hope all is well with all of your friends and familys Love the Franc's