Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reality,its what makes you stronger!

I am hoping that I can now update more and that my computer is done doing whatever it has been doing so we will see. You know how you seem to write about all the good things that seem to happen and the trials seem to get pushed under the rug or maybe it is that you need to tell someone, but that you don't want a pity fest, you just want someone to listen and say it will be ok. Things have been a struggle lately and it's ok because everyone goes through them. It is just what you end up doing to come out of that so called hole you have hidden your self in for so long, not asking for help and then crying to the Lord, because for so long you thought you had everything under control or so you thought. This year more then ever I have learned that without my savior I would not have survived literally. I have gone through things before to make me understand this, but they were for me personal things I needed to learn, but this year it has been a whole family experience. I am extremely grateful for my savior and watching out for us to make sure we were able to keep our children feed, and roof over our heads this year. It may not be the food we had wanted,such as the pop and chips that my husband soooo loves, but it was enough to keep our boys satisfied and full. I am grateful that he has sent me clients at slow times of the year to help the short times, I am glad my husband still has a job, even if wages have been cut, at least we still able to provide the basics for our family. This year has been a long journey, but what a year of learning, my testimony of prayer and tithing have been added to more then I know.

Since the last up date which was a while ago we have been doing good, the kids have had a few minor colds and the swine flu did reach our home this year,but just for one of us, Tyson, it hit him pretty hard and we were all confined to our home for 8 days. He went back to work the next week. The boys are growing like weeds. Tegan is loving preschool and building forts with the couch cushions. This summer he loved sneaking out our front door and building lakes and rivers in the front flower bed!(Thanks to his daddy who showed him this!) He still loves his turtle that he got for his b-day! He loves his brother and loves to wrestle with him! He can not wait until Christmas! Broden will be 16mon on the 24th and has grown up so much! He loves buttons,balls and cell phones(which my ended up in the toilet). He also loves brother and likes to sit on his head(we do not know why but this is what he does to win). He is not saying to much, but mum, da da, oh, and pointing and grunting, he does jibber jabber in his own way. he loves getting on the table and playing in whatever has been left there or someones drink. Tyson has been working very hard and is very tired, he is a great dad and husband. He is great with his hands and does a tremendous job at his work. He finished my salon this year and many thinkgs around the house a closet organizing system for tegs room, chalk boards for the walls, a gate for the bottom of the stairs, the playroom. He is wonderful and I am very grateful to have him in my life. What have I been doing, hmm let me think, I think I have been driving my self crazy! I need to know when to stop and I just can't. I may sound like a broken record but oh well. Get up, breakfast, clean, clean, clean, go, go, go pick up, pick up, dinner,worry, worry, worry, try to fall asleep. That is what I feel like, but it is ok. I watch my sister-in-laws kids on Mon.( It really is so much fun!) Teg goes to preschool at 12:30 and it is laundry day,Tues I do hair, try to keep the house picked up and keep the kids happy while I am working, Wed is preschool and Kitchen and living room cleaning, and hair from 4-10, Thurs day is hair, master bedroom clean, keep the kids happy and Friday if I haven't given up for the week it is run errands day and clean bathrooms and teg to preschool! Weekends are what ever seem to pass through them. Start over on MON!! WOW But it is a Fun Life!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I really want to blog!

My computer has a virus and is not working! I will update when I can!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tegan going to be 4!

This is to my little man!This week you will be turing 4 years old! You always say "Mom, look I growin!" And you are I am so proud of my Teg-man.I can not believe how old my little man is going to be it is so sad, but has been exciting to watch you grow! You are getting to be so smart and so independent not like that was a surprise or anything! You love movies,to play games, like your v-smile and the wii and still love books! You love pop, candy, popcorn with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and pizza! You love going to grandma's house! You always want to know "What's next?", or "Where we goin today mom?" or "Do ya have hair today mom?" You are full of life and energy and test my patients at times, but we love you and are so glad you our boy! Have a Happy B-day! Love Mom and Dad!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pony Express Days NextFit

We did a booth at the Eagle Mountain Pony Express Days for NextFit Business! It was a great experience! The weather was bad on Friday, but Saturday turned out alright! Business is going good so that's all that matters! One funny thing that happened was we had a drawing to win an exercises system and the mom and daughter enter on two separate papers to win and they ended up each winning one. I went to High school with the girl who one it her name was Jen Romero in school, but she married a Johnson I hope she will use it. Tegan had a blast on the rides, we were lame parents and forgot the camera the night we went on the rides! He was sacred to go on the big slide, but went with his uncle Jim(who by the way is awesome and loves our kids to death! It isn't really even his uncle just a good friend!) We had a good Time!

Congrats Grads of 2009!

My sister in-law graduate this year and we went to celebrate at Los Hermonos! It was a little crowd, but it was all good! Congrats! We wish ya the best! My cousin also graduate! Good Luck to you to Brad!

Fun in the Park

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ok Wow! I am alive!

Wow it has been a while! Life goes by way to fast! So where to start! We will start with Tegan's Preschool Program. He did not graduate, I still have one more year for that! He was so cute and stole the show for sure, he sang so loud and wanted his grandma to get here hands ready to sign the songs with him! He mad sure to tell her that, he also made sure to tell his teacher that one of the kids from the audience should not be up with them. The little stink! I can not believe he will be turning 4 on the 9th of July Crazy!! Next we have been working on a lot of projects around our house I wish we could just finish one of them! The back yard is a dirt, because there were so many weeds back there we decided to dig it up, I guess would should have waited until we could get grass oh well, one day! The next one is the basement! i wish we could get it painted, maybe for Teg's b-day we will get it done for him so he will have a fun play room! Broden is crawling all over the place and the pic on here do not even look like my little guy any more, time to get some new ones done! He is so mellow and shy, but don't let him fool ya he can cause some serious damage. His new favorite thing is to push the button on the DVD player and watch it come out the problem is , he does it when everyone is watching the show and then we put it back in, skip to where we are at and start all over we do this all night until he goes to sleep. At least lately we just do not watch it so we don't have to deal with it. I am so grateful for my kids and the happiness they bring to my life, I know sometimes I may not show it, because I am to busy giving orders, but I really am glad to be a mom and a wife! Ok p.s funny story my husband would die if he new this was on here, but it is such a funny story I have to write it so I remember so my husband got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night like usual he goes so much I wonder if he is a pregnant mother. Anyways, He did not lift the toilet seat up, i have one of those decorative toilet seat things on there, so pee was all over that. He said he thought i sounded funny so, he looked down and yep he forgot to put the seat up. I was asleep heard him get up, thought it sounded different, but thought it was because i was so tired, nope I was wrong and so was he! We laughed for the next couple of days! I will post some pics of what are fam has been up to hopefully tommorrow! Hope all is good in your neck of the woods!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Busy!

Sorry I will give a more detailed report later! I have been so busy with this new NexFit thing! It has just exploded for us! I am so pleased with the company and the tools it has to offer to help people run the business and stay healthy! I also just joined facebook crazy I know! One more thing for me to do my husband is going to kill me for sure if you don't hear from me for a while I might have put myself in the looney bin Just kidding! I will get back with some fun pics I have and details as to what the fam has been up to!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Blogs!!

I have started a couple more blogs, my husband is going to kill me! But I think it will be fun!

1. This one is for my salon and will most likely up date on a monthly bases(I think)! It will be fun to post new things I have done and products I have tried!

2. This one is for all the mom's out there that do not know what is for dinner! This one I have not set up yet but am going to this week! It will give you 30 dinners for the month and the grocery list to go with them as well as the recipes! I hope it works out as planned!

3.There might be one more, not sure yet! This is for the business that me and my hubby just started called Nextfit! It will tell you what it is about and give testimonials about what is doing for others and for us!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

Good Times I must say! Saturday we went to the BIG Easter egg hunt at Thanksgiving point! We went with my mom and brother! WOW lots of people and lots of eggs! It was fun! But I wish parents were not so I don't know how to say it maybe childish is the word. I don't want to offend anyone, but it is for ages 0-3 or 4-6 and there was some bigger kids out there I must say please just let your kids get the eggs not you! OK, but it was fun and Teg had a blast it was very cold! I would do it again just because they had other fun things to do for the kids! We then had a Easter party at Grandma Bonnie's house and had a blast with the kids they are at such fun ages! The best part was Emmett was there he is my nephew who has the heart defect and had just come home from his last surgery and has been doing great! I was so glad to have us all together as a family! Then we went home to dye Easter eggs which Tegan has done before but, I think he is starting to get the concept! The reason I am not so sure is because of his comment! This is from his own mouth! So I was getting the stuff ready for the eggs and I said "Are you ready to dye the eggs?" Tegan "Mom don't kill the eggs!!!" Me "I'm not going to kill them" Not understanding what he is saying! Tegan again"Mom don't kill the eggs please mom" then it registered "OH" "No honey we are going to color the eggs". Then he was OK with what we were going to do! We only did 12 eggs and the Easter bunny hid them all and we did find them all thank goodness! He was very excited to have the Easter bunny come but he made sure that I new that he did not want the bunny to come in his bed because, Dad had told him that the Easter bunny likes to nibble on little boys ears. So of course that made him scared! Sunday we went to my Grandma's for a hunt and had really good food and fun! She is such a cute Grandma and started to cry when we all left, she has had a lot happen for the better in the last couple of months and these moments we have are even more close to heart now! I have pic that I will post but my battery says it is exhausted!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cute Cousins!

In the same weekend we had are niece Francelle with us and we told her we were going to go to my mom's for dinner, we told her it was kind of like a farm with horses and cows and goats. She said she wanted to go and get her cowboy boots, so we went to her house and got her boots, which by the way are Baby Pink! Very cute. But anyways we went to see the horses and she said that they are her pets and she wanted to take one home. I told her we would have to ask her mommy about that one! But Tegan and her get along so well and they have so much fun together! I love to have such a great family that lives so close I am so blessed that way!

We had a blast taking her with us! I am so glad for now she likes to be with us! They grow up so fast, and forget how close you really were to them, but for now I will enjoy the moment!

Doing Our Duty!

I know it is almost the weekend again, but I figured I better write about last weekend, because it was so much crazy, but Fun!! Tyson is the building facility manager( I guess that is what you would call him) So Saturday we went to clean the church, Tegan likes to push the broom in the gym, I do bathrooms, (Yumm, not!!) Please tell your husbands to clean up after themselves just a little, It is nasty!, But any who!

We are going to clean the Church!

Then I did my mom and sisters hair they needed trims, Yeah for my mom she actually came in for a trim. Two times before this she waited almost 2 years for a trim, Crazy! Then came home to a crazy house because my dear great wonderful hubby was trying to get the water ran for my sink in the salon down stairs, so i can work here and not ant my mother-in-laws. Then my father-in-law received a call from my sister-in-law(wow that was a lot of in-law's) that she wasn't feeling well. She had hair she was doing and they had came from Wyoming so she did not want them to have to come back down. So I went over there and did hair until about 6:30. It was a long day but it was fun to be doing something I love!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have officailly found my camera charger be ready for lots of pics!!! Oh and by the way snow is not just snow it is water snow, because you can open your mouth and drink it. So Tegan says! Words from the mouths of babes!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Back!

So I think I answered my own question on the post awbout wondering! I've decided that I do not need to wonder about those things. But need to ponder on the things the lord would want me to do and wonder about the things I should be doing for others and how I am going to be a little better every day to grow closer to my savior. I read a quote on Kira(Kooie) Smith blog and it made me relize what i need to be trying better to do! Thanks for the inspiration!“You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others.” -President Gordon B. Hinkley I think this has just become my favorite quote!

Today! Living in the Now

So as I am sitting here typing my son Tegan is upstairs making some kind of mess I can only imagine! You have to love them! I wish I could find my camera charger, Tyson swears he did not take it down stairs with the box, but I can't find it any where and I am missing out on good pics! So I started this job it is only a temp job(kind of sounds like the office) It is only for six weeks, but i think it might be the longest six weeks of my life! It is at night so it took some adjusting to the sleep thing, but we will survive hey and its extra money. Ty's doing a great job taking care of the kids and the house so i can do things like this during the day and relax! We are still in the process of finishing my salon.(A very long process i must say) But my hubby loves me very much and has done a great job so far! I'm just glad we can do it ourselves and can save money! We are also doing a side business of Nextfit Key Chain Trainer Personal Trainer, so far so good it looks like its going to take off! We are excited! My kids are adorable Tegan this morning wanted pizza for breakfast I normally am a stickler and say no way, but you have to have fun every once in a while so when I said yes he said Oh Thank you Mom your awesome, but he new he had pushed it to far when he said can I have pop. He immediately said I'm sorry how about water. I love Him! Broden just got a walker and loves it, he follows me everywhere and gets so excited to be able to come with us to the kitchen instead of being left in the living room!We had our anniversary on the 13th Happy Anniversary to us! It has been 5 years, time flys when your having fun!!We went to the Mayan(BAD food do not go again it taste like feet!!) Then the next night went to The Hines Mansion it was a great time together! We have not had time alone in a while we try to do the date thing, but we hate to bother anyone to watch the kids! Plus we like to be with them! For now I feel like I am going a million miles an minute and I know it most likely will not slow down but the platter is pretty full! Oh and by the way my son just said He loves me! Wow I am blessed!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes you wonder?

I don't know if wonder or ponder is the word. I seem to be wondering a lot lately. I always wonder or think about a stuff and think do I really need to think about this, but then there are things that I just can't get out of my head! Like this for instance I wonder if I am really losing wait or if the scale is a lie or I wonder if I've made the right financial decisions or I wonder if I turned on the dryer? Things like this it is kind of crazy to think about and I know some things I should not, but you do. We as a family are doing great! We received are taxes back Yeah!! I was so excited that means I can finish my salon downstairs in our house and not have to go to my mother-in-laws. Not that I don't love my mother-in-law she is great it will just be nice to not have to leave home to do hair! Tegan is loving Preschool and his Teacher she is great! He has learned so much and does not even go to Kindergarten for one more year! Broden is growing like a weed and he looks like he might be really tall! He rolls over and laughs and loves to hear his own voice! Tyson is still go strong and installing cabinets and loves who he works with! I am still being a mom, wife and business owner. I feel like I am going every direction! But I love to be busy! Well I must go because I have a client coming for extensions! Hope all is well with everyone out there Love ya all!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NextFit Excersise Systems Great Business Opportunity!

Sorry it has been so long, but I just heard about this great busniess opportunity. WOW very excited! This company has just started and product is not even here yet. But has already had such great response!! Its a key chain personal trainer! I would love to have a personal trainer and not have to pay hundereds or thousands of dollars! It has custom workouts and music that you download each month on to a MP3 player! Me and Tyson have just signed up and have so many people interested in the busniess part of it and just to buy! The company is still in pre-beta stage and is looking for people to get the ball rolling. I know we took a big leap, but we have to put are foot in the door somewhere! I'm going to get Teagan from Preschool, but I will right more about the company soon! If you want more info leave me a comment and I can help you get started!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that make you think about life

We have been very busy since Christmas it seems life doesn't slow down even when it's a new year! Christmas was great! We stayed at home as usual, but now we had two boys for Christmas it was great! Tegan was so excited, to see what Santa would bring him( I love having kids for the Christmas Magic is there all over again)! He had been sick with croup so we had taken him in to the Doctors the day before Christmas and they gave him a shot which of course he freaked out about! But anyways he didn't feel good when he woke up so he looked at his presents and decided to get in the shower to make him feel better. I was proud that he didn't through a fit because he was not able to open his presents right away! He got a giant Dinosaur that walks and him and daddy have a blast with it. He also got Hungry Hippos which I love to play with him. He made a haul! Mommy got a new camera so I can put more pictures on my blog yeah! But as I said in the beginning, life doesn't slow down and as Christmas was over I just kept thinking how much longer do I have to be with my family and friends and what memories I have with them. All I know is that I want to make as many as I can and let all of those that have been a part of my life how much they have meant to me! These are just a few of the things that made me think about life. We had my Grandma and Grandpa 50th wedding Anniversary It was great and so many people were there and it just made me think how many people they have touched including me. I also thought 50 years is along time, but I hope that I can make it that far with my sweet heart. HE is the best and works so hard for us to have the things we need and want! Before I had written about my sister-in-law who had a baby born with a heart defect. He was doing well, but had to go back to primary children's because he became sick. I was at her house one day I realized how much she does for her family and what a trooper she has been through all this The lord has been by her side to give her the energy to do the things she has done. Monday night he went back because he choked and had to be taken by ambulance. It makes you realize how life can be taken so fast, but also given a second chance. Sometimes as a mom you wonder if you are even noticed as you load the dishes in the dish washer for the second maybe third time for the day or maybe the clothes just magically appear to be clean in the closet. But this was the day I knew I was being watched. I couldn't find the keys to my car and Tegan was going to be late for preschool. I tried calling Ty like 20 times and he never answered. I finally found the keys and went to the car. The night before Tyson had tried to pull the car in so it would fit better next to his truck so we could get out of our doors easier. Well it was so twisted that I did not do a good job at pulling it out, it kind of scrapped the paint off my car. As the car hit the garage I said Dang IT, but the other word and all of a sudden Tegan repeated it. That is when I knew it did not matter how many times I loaded the dish washer, that my example meant more then the clean clothes in the closet that he never noticed. Well these are the things that have made me think about life and the direction I need to be pointed in! Hope all is well with all of your friends and familys Love the Franc's