Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have officailly found my camera charger be ready for lots of pics!!! Oh and by the way snow is not just snow it is water snow, because you can open your mouth and drink it. So Tegan says! Words from the mouths of babes!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Back!

So I think I answered my own question on the post awbout wondering! I've decided that I do not need to wonder about those things. But need to ponder on the things the lord would want me to do and wonder about the things I should be doing for others and how I am going to be a little better every day to grow closer to my savior. I read a quote on Kira(Kooie) Smith blog and it made me relize what i need to be trying better to do! Thanks for the inspiration!“You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others.” -President Gordon B. Hinkley I think this has just become my favorite quote!

Today! Living in the Now

So as I am sitting here typing my son Tegan is upstairs making some kind of mess I can only imagine! You have to love them! I wish I could find my camera charger, Tyson swears he did not take it down stairs with the box, but I can't find it any where and I am missing out on good pics! So I started this job it is only a temp job(kind of sounds like the office) It is only for six weeks, but i think it might be the longest six weeks of my life! It is at night so it took some adjusting to the sleep thing, but we will survive hey and its extra money. Ty's doing a great job taking care of the kids and the house so i can do things like this during the day and relax! We are still in the process of finishing my salon.(A very long process i must say) But my hubby loves me very much and has done a great job so far! I'm just glad we can do it ourselves and can save money! We are also doing a side business of Nextfit Key Chain Trainer Personal Trainer, so far so good it looks like its going to take off! We are excited! My kids are adorable Tegan this morning wanted pizza for breakfast I normally am a stickler and say no way, but you have to have fun every once in a while so when I said yes he said Oh Thank you Mom your awesome, but he new he had pushed it to far when he said can I have pop. He immediately said I'm sorry how about water. I love Him! Broden just got a walker and loves it, he follows me everywhere and gets so excited to be able to come with us to the kitchen instead of being left in the living room!We had our anniversary on the 13th Happy Anniversary to us! It has been 5 years, time flys when your having fun!!We went to the Mayan(BAD food do not go again it taste like feet!!) Then the next night went to The Hines Mansion it was a great time together! We have not had time alone in a while we try to do the date thing, but we hate to bother anyone to watch the kids! Plus we like to be with them! For now I feel like I am going a million miles an minute and I know it most likely will not slow down but the platter is pretty full! Oh and by the way my son just said He loves me! Wow I am blessed!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes you wonder?

I don't know if wonder or ponder is the word. I seem to be wondering a lot lately. I always wonder or think about a stuff and think do I really need to think about this, but then there are things that I just can't get out of my head! Like this for instance I wonder if I am really losing wait or if the scale is a lie or I wonder if I've made the right financial decisions or I wonder if I turned on the dryer? Things like this it is kind of crazy to think about and I know some things I should not, but you do. We as a family are doing great! We received are taxes back Yeah!! I was so excited that means I can finish my salon downstairs in our house and not have to go to my mother-in-laws. Not that I don't love my mother-in-law she is great it will just be nice to not have to leave home to do hair! Tegan is loving Preschool and his Teacher she is great! He has learned so much and does not even go to Kindergarten for one more year! Broden is growing like a weed and he looks like he might be really tall! He rolls over and laughs and loves to hear his own voice! Tyson is still go strong and installing cabinets and loves who he works with! I am still being a mom, wife and business owner. I feel like I am going every direction! But I love to be busy! Well I must go because I have a client coming for extensions! Hope all is well with everyone out there Love ya all!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NextFit Excersise Systems Great Business Opportunity!

Sorry it has been so long, but I just heard about this great busniess opportunity. WOW very excited! This company has just started and product is not even here yet. But has already had such great response!! Its a key chain personal trainer! I would love to have a personal trainer and not have to pay hundereds or thousands of dollars! It has custom workouts and music that you download each month on to a MP3 player! Me and Tyson have just signed up and have so many people interested in the busniess part of it and just to buy! The company is still in pre-beta stage and is looking for people to get the ball rolling. I know we took a big leap, but we have to put are foot in the door somewhere! I'm going to get Teagan from Preschool, but I will right more about the company soon! If you want more info leave me a comment and I can help you get started!