Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reality,its what makes you stronger!

I am hoping that I can now update more and that my computer is done doing whatever it has been doing so we will see. You know how you seem to write about all the good things that seem to happen and the trials seem to get pushed under the rug or maybe it is that you need to tell someone, but that you don't want a pity fest, you just want someone to listen and say it will be ok. Things have been a struggle lately and it's ok because everyone goes through them. It is just what you end up doing to come out of that so called hole you have hidden your self in for so long, not asking for help and then crying to the Lord, because for so long you thought you had everything under control or so you thought. This year more then ever I have learned that without my savior I would not have survived literally. I have gone through things before to make me understand this, but they were for me personal things I needed to learn, but this year it has been a whole family experience. I am extremely grateful for my savior and watching out for us to make sure we were able to keep our children feed, and roof over our heads this year. It may not be the food we had wanted,such as the pop and chips that my husband soooo loves, but it was enough to keep our boys satisfied and full. I am grateful that he has sent me clients at slow times of the year to help the short times, I am glad my husband still has a job, even if wages have been cut, at least we still able to provide the basics for our family. This year has been a long journey, but what a year of learning, my testimony of prayer and tithing have been added to more then I know.

Since the last up date which was a while ago we have been doing good, the kids have had a few minor colds and the swine flu did reach our home this year,but just for one of us, Tyson, it hit him pretty hard and we were all confined to our home for 8 days. He went back to work the next week. The boys are growing like weeds. Tegan is loving preschool and building forts with the couch cushions. This summer he loved sneaking out our front door and building lakes and rivers in the front flower bed!(Thanks to his daddy who showed him this!) He still loves his turtle that he got for his b-day! He loves his brother and loves to wrestle with him! He can not wait until Christmas! Broden will be 16mon on the 24th and has grown up so much! He loves buttons,balls and cell phones(which my ended up in the toilet). He also loves brother and likes to sit on his head(we do not know why but this is what he does to win). He is not saying to much, but mum, da da, oh, and pointing and grunting, he does jibber jabber in his own way. he loves getting on the table and playing in whatever has been left there or someones drink. Tyson has been working very hard and is very tired, he is a great dad and husband. He is great with his hands and does a tremendous job at his work. He finished my salon this year and many thinkgs around the house a closet organizing system for tegs room, chalk boards for the walls, a gate for the bottom of the stairs, the playroom. He is wonderful and I am very grateful to have him in my life. What have I been doing, hmm let me think, I think I have been driving my self crazy! I need to know when to stop and I just can't. I may sound like a broken record but oh well. Get up, breakfast, clean, clean, clean, go, go, go pick up, pick up, dinner,worry, worry, worry, try to fall asleep. That is what I feel like, but it is ok. I watch my sister-in-laws kids on Mon.( It really is so much fun!) Teg goes to preschool at 12:30 and it is laundry day,Tues I do hair, try to keep the house picked up and keep the kids happy while I am working, Wed is preschool and Kitchen and living room cleaning, and hair from 4-10, Thurs day is hair, master bedroom clean, keep the kids happy and Friday if I haven't given up for the week it is run errands day and clean bathrooms and teg to preschool! Weekends are what ever seem to pass through them. Start over on MON!! WOW But it is a Fun Life!