Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Congrats to My Hubby!

He received a promotion at work a couple of weeks ago! So he is now the lead installer for Magleby Companies Cabinets. He was working on the framing crew, and was ok with it, but he would have much rather been doing this he loves detail and is so good at it! He will now be the one to read the plans and make the calls instead of being the go for... guy! GOOD JOB honey! I knew you could do it! You just have to work hard and believe in your self! LUV YOU!

Happy B-day to Mom!

It was in January but we had a fun time. It was her 50th b-day, last year we did a party and this year it was just our family. It was fun! We went bowling and play games at Jack and Jills in Lehi, then had cake and Ice Cream at her house. Sabreena made a Wrangler Bum cake, we tried to make it black, but it was more of a gray color! Thanks for being a great mom , I wish you the best this year!