Friday, March 2, 2012

Heather's Wedding

My cousin Heather was married on the Wed Feb 29th. It felt like 2 days mushed into one for me. Was a very busy to to say the least. But she looked beautiful, and it turned out perfect.She came to my house at 1 to get her hair done and then I id the girls hair at the reception center. But between 3 and 3:30pm I made soup and got bags ready to go. Went and picked up car pool took them home, came home finished soup and wait for Grandpa Jim to come. Left at 4:00pm to get their in time to do wedding's parties hair. Broden still had a fever so I left him home with Grandma and Grandpa Franc, he loved it! Did hair and visited, then got myself ready because I was not ready for the wedding. Then went and enjoyed my self at the wedding. My mom brought Tegan, because he did not want to go while mom did hair, its so boring to my boys to go somewhere i do hair. What should I expect there boys. Right! Anyways the storm was crazy that night and it was so hard to see coming over Camp Williams I asked Tegan to say a prayer that we would make it home safe. At first he was scared and then said "Will Heavenly Father help us?" I told him we must ask and have faith that he will help mommy to see the road and be able to control the car to make it home safe. He then said the cutest most simple prayer that calmed my nerves and aloud me to drive home safe. Thanks to my Heavenly Father and faithful boy my testimony was strengthened that day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome Back!

So I am Welcoming my self back to the blogging world. I am no going to catch up , but start from where things are now.

Saturday I went to Cheri's baby shower, I can not believe that she is so close to having baby Blakley! I am so excited for them. Tegan learned how to blow a bubble and I was reminded how much work I had to do around the house!

Sunday went to church and was sustained by our ward for ward conference in The RS Presidency and Tegan could not understand why I was standing he kept saying " Sit down mom, sit down, everyone's going to look at you!" I think he was embarrassed or thought I had lost my mind. He later pulled the Fire Alarm. He said " Mom it said lift here!" Did I mention I am so glad he is learning to read! We wnt to my mom's for dinner and Ty, Tegan, Broden, and Granpa played Battleship. It was fun to watch them.

Today started out as the regular day except I did not have 50 loads of laundry and a pile of dishes to do today so that made me smile! Did carpool and Broden was asleep in the car, it was only 9am and that seemed strange since he has only been awake for approx. an hour in a half. He woke up and came to me to tell me he did not feel good. He was burning up 103 to be exact. Gave him medicine and he went back to bed until 12:35pm. During this time I thought to myself what will I do when kids are in school and I am here. I may drive myself crazy! We will have to see when that day comes. My brought some popsicle's, soup and milk over for Broden and stayed for awhile. I did my brother and dads hair today and My mom stayed and visited and ordered cookie dough from Tegan. He is just starting to understand this whole fundraiser thing. Still wondering if he gets the money, where the money goes and why he does not get to keep all the cookie dough. His mind is for sure growing and learning right now! Emmett my nephew went in for exploratory surgery today. Things went good and they are going to look into the why's of what is happening. Nothing with his heart at this point so it was a good day for him.